Intellectual Property for the new millennium

Blockchain Signing System. We consolidate time & identity easily and legal proof

What is it

8.Stamp use blockchain technology to sign and trace meta-data – all kinds of information you would like to protect, applying a legal timestamp and your verified identity, together.

We allow professionals, artists, lawyers, and more, to sign Pdf, Documents, Images, and Music Files, on the blockchain network, with our 2-year full working application.
A very intuitive procedure that allows you to timestamp and archive your crucial information on the blockchain, protecting your intellectual rights a be one step ahead from your competitors!

the 8 key points

You can TimeStamp and Tokenize your ideas quickly and at 0 costs.

The excellent solution to protect your ideas before had the National-Patent and third Institutional registration.

Legal Value: Still, more countries recognize at the Blockchain technology the timestamp functionality. We are live, and our time certify your data.

Probative Value: A copy of your certified work could remain stored on our network for future probative value. In this way, we start to be a certification authority.

Safe: The Hash code we stamp on your certificate is secure and not replicable. It means it is unique on the network, and more, it is achieved on our system.

Easy: With a simple interface, “drag and drop,” you can sign every file, in every moment, in every place.

Cheap: You pay for what you use. You can buy just a license and save much real money.

Faster: Our infrastructure allows you to sign in real-time your file on the live blockchain.

Tokenize: After months of testing, we allow our clients to full-tokenize their data to offer the 100% proof of authenticity.

No Cryptocurrencies: Thank our blockchain’s partner, all our clients do NOT need any cryptocurrencies to use our services.


Different areas, different people, and the same problems resolved by 8id

Professionals and lawyers con easily sign with the 8.Stamp (directly from their laptop/smartphone) every document, merging identity, time and data.

When you write your work, it can be safe forever. Before you send it to publishers, friends, consultants, teachers, and other people… simple sign it with C.Sign!

Street, Classic, Manga or any painter you are, you can upload your creation on our network and “timestamp” it.

Artists can archive their job with images timestamped. You need a smartphone and an Internet Connection.

Police and investigation officers can verify signed documents directly accessing our secure service for police departments—a valuable instrument for fighting illegal activities.

If you are a jeweler, you can promote your drafts and products directly online, exposing your official blockchain registration acts, easily generated inside the 8id platform.

The future for designers. Sketches, Notes, Ideas, and more, can be timestamped with a click! After that, you can share it with consultants, partners, clients… in a new safe way!

Journalists can create, modify, integrate News proving your work without limit, everywhere. Multiple services are provided to fight the fake-news problem.