Access ID®

A new method enabling your users to identify themselves online with maximum user-friendliness

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Create trusted user identities with 8ID Access.

Create trusted user identities

Traditionally, you have to rely on signals to trust a new user – on a device IP, a phone number, or credit database look-up. But these signals can also be abused by fraudsters.

This creates constant uncertainty, so you can’t focus on the user’s experience, and instead start treating them with suspicion.

8ID lets your users scan a photo ID from any device, before checking it’s genuine.

Combined with Biometric Verification, it’s a seamless way to anchor an account to the real identity of a customer.

Effective against the 6 key pillars of document fraud

Fraud is always innovating. Luckily, so is our technology.

8id catches up to 90% of ID fraud attempts—and as our AI evolves, our accuracy improves.

Using the best combination of human and machine learning fraud detection, we protect your platform against the 6 key types of document fraud:

  • Forged documents
  • Counterfeit documents
  • Blank stolen documents
  • Fantasy or camouflage documents
  • Impostor or ‘look-a-like’ documents
  • Compromised documents

This system, combined with biometrics, gives you the best protection against identity fraud.

Scale fast, with global coverage

8ID is here to help you expand internationally. We cover documents across 150 countries, operate in 3 offices across the world and support key global scripts in addition to Latin.

And if you want to scale in volume, rather than in global reach? We help with that too. With 8ID’s machine learning, you won’t need to worry about overwhelming your internal team when volumes spike.

And we offer granular result breakdowns, so you can build automated workflows and improve customer experience. So you’ll cut the need for manual escalation in the first place.

Open up access

We cover over 5000 document types from 150 countries, so we can help you process thin-file and international customers. We support multiple scripts and languages.

Let good customers through

8id’s hybrid approach combines AI and expert human analysts for the highest completion rates (90%) offering the best digital experience.

Make it easy

Give your customers the best user experience, with fast response times, cross 8id’s SDKs also include features like live feedback, for better UX.

Biometric Verification - BIS8®

biometric identification system  is for yoU

Biometrics, tailored.

The Biometric Identification System® leverages market-leading technology recognized by system integrators and solution providers who demand a large-scale, easy to integrate, standard-compliant, and high-performance biometric identity management solution for a biometric multimodal system.

8ID delivers precisely what you need. It is a reliable multimodal biometric software utilizing fingerprint, face, and iris recognition technology. With full modularity, you can quickly get a solution tailored to your business processes. Our customer-driven approach guarantees real-time and 24/7 onsite support to ensure that your bespoke system works flawlessly.

Built upon an open architecture, 8ID offers freedom in choosing the exact components your organization needs to develop the perfect identity management solution. You have the option to add independent modules, bringing you available and cost-effective solutions with the flexibility to upgrade when necessary.

8ID’s new approach is incredibly valuable in large projects such as national ID and social security, travel and border control, elections (voter registration and verification), and registration and authentication of employees in commercial applications.

Explore the Benefits of 8id

Government BIS8
Comprehensive biometric people registration system for governmental applications and civil registries.

IDs and Passports – Elections – Border control – Social security – Driving Licences

Enterprise BIS8
Attract new and retain existing customers through fast, safe, paperless onboarding and authentication.

Risk assessment – Loyalty Programs – Digital Onboarding – Fraud Prevention

Law Enforcement BIS8
Resolve criminal cases, identify suspects and secure borders using advanced technology and user-friendly interface.

Criminal Investigation – Field Identification – Airport Security

Key features

Digital onboarding

Register and verify users via mobile or web applications
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Scales efficiently to meet increasing workloads or numbers of enrollees
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Proven track record

With the Blockchain technology we provide a 100% trusted service.
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Open architecture

Easy to integrate it into your existing environment
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Flexible Licencing

Licensing policies to suit the needs of every project
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Fast and precise

The biometric code is integrated into our systems.
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